Friday, August 29, 2014

Observe what you are missing!

It’s an alert stage of meditation where you find your peace by staying in your own world. It’s a practice required how to be in peace in a chaotic surroundings, you can think of many things by speaking to yourself learning, simultaneously. 
Someone once told me in my teens that now is your ‘observation’ time. That stayed on my head for forever. Since then if I am not speaking I am not ignoring, but, I AM observing: every behavior, every movement, every body language, every thinking process of a speaker. My listening and observing goes hand in hand and I can’t do anything about it. I’ve practiced it hard enough and it has helped me a big deal knowing people, analyzing their thought process, what their reactions would be. I recall my actions from past and connect it to the human behaviour then is when I observed the shortcoming of my thinking and mistakes in my error.

This comes by as very useful when you are talking to a person for the first time. You will know his in & out in minutes. But, this will require experience which will come when you practice.

There is so much to do and learn in the outside world. We always wonder whether our hard work will ever be paid off ? Some of us find the risky and always dangerous shortcuts through life. Have we ever searched for the easy, guaranteed shortcut? I have and I know its through the Observation can only one succeed faster.

This is very much needed in children. Inculcating this behavior, having them practice the power of observation and then observing THEM can we only know how is he going to succeed in his chosen path. Have them practice this and all your answers and worries about your child will be solved. You will know so much more about him then you thought you knew. My observation to this was that he will learn what you keep in front of him and he will ask for more, he will take a break and think about what he has learned. Now the question would be how will you start this approach? I would say let him do the talking, let him ask questions, let him reply to the answers, take his advice, consider his options be it right or wrong, let him know the results of his decisions, You?- STEP BACK. And see your child talking for you and assuring you that whatever the world has to offer him, he will be fine from now.
Let’s start practicing this for one month and see the results, but, for that you need to observe your child too.

I believe the disconnection between what you use to think analytically and your present decission power will only be connected through the Power of Observation.